The Fantastic Four: Vancouver's Top Japanese Restaurants

Japanese cuisine's main usage of seafood and greens gives it a refreshingly   healthy reputation. Much like the island where the cuisine originates, Vancouver has clear access to fresh fish, making it the perfect match when it comes to superior sushi and sashimi. The following four restaurants are some of the most luxurious and authentic Japanese restaurants Vancouver has to offer. Not only that, but they all take part in sustainable seafood and fishing practices, so you can eat good food while

Vancouver's Food Truck Phenomena

Not so long ago, street food was seen as something undesirable and inherently un-cool. After all, why eat from a  truck when you could sit down in a proper restaurant? Today, food truck cuisine is a recognized and celebrated part of Vancouver's cultural identity. In fact, food trucks are such an important feature of the urban cityscape that there are even 'foodie tours'  designed to give tourists a taste of some of the city's best offerings. You don't have to sacrifice quality for convenience, s

Precision Makes for Coffee Perfection at Revolver

Walking around the heart of Gastown is like walking through a physical representation of Vancouver's past. Only a few blocks away from the historic Steam Clock, hidden gem Revolver Coffee offers the illusion that you're opening the door to another time. With the popularizing of coffee culture permeating every street corner in downtown Vancouver, it's concernedly easy to walk into the nearest Starbucks or Caffè Artigiano's for a caffeine pick-me-up. Revolver, however, is for the true connoisseur,

Raining Again? No Problem...

So, do I like it? Well, yes. Do I think it does anything for my pores? Yes, but it's not life-changing in any way. I still have to use it once a week or else my pores will start being crazy again. But I feel like that's the way it is with all clay masks. There is yet to be the holy grail: a mask that will make your pores virtually invisible ... forever. My skin is quite on the oily side, and I wear quite a bit of makeup and powders in my daily life, so my pores get gross pretty fast. Generally

Inspired By Life: Interview with Shannon Blouin

I met Shannon in grade seven, when we were both bright-eyed and full of hopes for the future. Now, she’s made her first steps into the world of film: one that she’s dreamed of for almost her whole life. I’ve always wanted to sit down with her and had a good talk about her thoughts and motivations behind her deep love for film. I have a personal interest for her films and projects, both because she’s my friend, and because I admire them and wish to collaborate with her on future professional proj